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Orthotics are shoe inserts or braces designed to “normalize” foot motion and body mechanics. The underlying reason most people get orthotics is never addressed, which is the forté for doctors who practice applied kinesiology. There is some dysfunction that can likely be improved or fixed permanently to lessen or eliminate the need for orthotics.

When it comes to orthotics or supportive shoe inserts there are two opposing views. There is truth and validity in both ways of thinking. For my patients, my end goal is for most everyone to not need the orthotics; but part of that process in my office is using the orthotics to help the body as it heals. This is like splinting a finger as a torn ligament heals or tendonitis resolves. My personal journey was something like this as well. I wore orthotics for “flat feet” for years because I felt better with them, but just like wearing a cast for years doesn’t make sense, it didn’t make sense for me to continue with them indefinitely. I slowly changed to less rigid orthotics, to less structured shoes, to minimalistic shoes. Now I try to go barefoot as much as possible. Rarely do I ever wear orthotic inserts or highly supportive shoes, and I feel better doing it. When I go back to them, my feet hurt and other areas of my body start to nag me again.  

The orthotics I use in my office are inexpensive and allow me to make modifications here in the office and check them using applied kinesiology to confirm we are making the right changes. This allows me to custom-create an orthotic, if it’s needed, in a single session. These Vasyli orthotics are used around the world and backed by some of the greatest minds is medical foot and biomechanics.