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What isn't working?

When physical therapy, stand-alone chiropractic care and traditional medicine don't address the underlying issues, our integrated approach shines.

Many patients who visit us have tried chiropractic, physical therapy, or medicine without any lasting benefit. It is common for patients to report dozens of tests being run for a condition all to find out that "there's nothing wrong." Yet issues persist.

Physical Therapy

Rehab and physical therapy are great when done properly. Unless you see an applied kinesiologist first and make sure the muscles can withstand rehab exercises or stretches, you are likely doing some damage along with gaining the benefits. Our patients often get slow results with physical therapy, but accelerate quickly when receiving applied kinesiology treatments in advance or concurrently. 

Chiropractic Only

What happens when chiropractic alone doesn't work? Or worse yet, when you are dependent on it as a crutch, going multiple times a week for weeks on end, just to get you through your week? Simply put, chiropractic aligns the spine and applied kinesiology helps hold it in place. Loose ligaments and imbalances in muscle function are a prime focus for applied kinesiologists.


Medicine has many applications to save, extend and improve lives. But they ought to be a last resort. For example, medicine for high cholesterol doesn't heal your body of high cholesterol. It simply forces your cholesterol to decrease at the expense of the body elsewhere (liver function). But the reality is that specific diets have been proven to be more effective than the leading drugs at lowering cholesterol, and it doesn't compromise the body elsewhere.


For that gray area between healthy optimal function and disease, Applied Kinesiology helps to understand where the breakdown in your health is before you reach disease state. And don't worry if you are already diagnosed with something. We can work with almost any body to improve its function and ability to heal itself.

Blood Tests: Even when your blood tests are within "normal" ranges, they can be short of the ideal levels. Getting a normal blood test doesn't mean you are healthy. Did you know your body will steal calcium from your bones, just to make sure your blood calcium levels are normal? So you could be becoming osteoporotic but have great blood calcium levels. Blood tests only show you when the body is already failing to cope and when parts of the body are starting to die at the cellular level. 

Xrays and MRI: Static imaging can be very important, but functional assessments are also critical to understanding your concerns. Seeing degeneration on an xray doesn't mean you will always have pain or need surgery. Seeing a disc bulge on MRI doesn't mean you will have pinched nerves. And most imaging shows very little when it comes to a functional analysis of how a joint moves or how it functions throughout a typical day.

When the medical doctor can’t find anything wrong with you — but you know an issue still exists — is when our approach really shines.